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What is Wellness?

Many if us want to improve our well-being or our wellness. We want to have healthy habits and routines to help us feel good. We know we should eat fresh fruit and vegetables, eat a balanced diet, do physical exercise, avoid drugs and alcohol and have a good sleep routine. We know all this but how many of us do all of this and stick to it?

So what is wellness? According to Pfizer, the huge pharmaceutical company, wellness is

"the act of practicing healthy habits on a daily basis to attain better physical and mental health outcomes, so that instead of just surviving, you’re thriving".

I like this meaning because it says the art of practicing healthy habits, reminding us that we may not be 'Instagram perfect' when we exercise or make photo worthy meals but we practice it and we do what feels right for our body; that's what counts. I also love the above quote because it says we should thrive instead of just survive. Life is hard and adding more things on our to-do list just causes more stress. I feel improving our wellness should be about enjoyment and connection, not doing something because we are told to.

In my opinion finding what works for us individually (as let's face it we are all different and like different things) is so important. What may work for me might not be right for another person. So try one thing, if that doesn't feel right try something else - there is nothing concrete to say we have to stick with something even if we don't like it. If running isn't for you, try dancing. If meditating isn't for you try a mindful walk.

Wellness is about our physical health AND mental health, our whole health rather than just parts of it. Having a healthy and balanced mental and physical health is something we should all strive to have and work towards. It won't happen overnight but if practiced daily, we will notice the benefits quicker than we thought.

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