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Hi and Welcome To TN2 Wellness Hub

My name is Sam and I wanted to introduce myself to you and tell you a bit about my brand new website and re-branding of my new company, TN2 Wellness Hub.

I am extremely passionate about helping people and wanted to create somewhere easy and accessible for people to improve their knowledge and learn skills and techniques to have a healthy mental and physical health.

I have worked in the domestic abuse sector for over 10 years, alongside that I have read many books, completed training courses and been on my own mental health journey.

After my son was born in 2015 I was diagnosed with post-natal depression and anxiety. I still suffer with anxiety and have anxiety attacks, but with all the knowledge and techniques I have learnt my physical reactions are not as severe. I now want to share this knowledge with you and support you on your journey.

Knowledge Is Power - I truly believe this! So lets share our knowledge with each other, connect with each other and keep improving our own well-being.

I am excited to share the TN2 Wellness Hub with you and I hope you find it interesting and valuable.

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